IndieGOGO Launch


Award winning filmmakers Kenneth Dupuis, Wyatt Cagle, and Gordon S. Williams are currently raising funds to produce their historical fiction short film that is set during the 1943 Beaumont Race Riot titled The Example.

    The filmmakers are conducting this effort via Indiegogo, an online crowd source funding entity.  The Example is also receiving fiscal sponsorship form From The Heart Productions, a twenty three year non-profit company based in California that is dedicated to helping filmmakers tell compelling stories.  With the support of this organization, donors to The Example will receive a charitable tax deduction.

    President of From The Heart Productions Carole Dean commends these filmmakers for introducing the 1943 Beaumont Race Riot to a new generation through a fictional story.

    “It is imperative that we, ourselves, take the responsibility to pass on to all generations the incidents of the past less they be lost or removed from our records.” Dean says.

    The project’s director Wyatt Cagle wants individuals who are contemplating donating to The Example to understand they are joining a creative community when they contribute.

    “Each person who contributes to The Example is laying the foundation that this film will stand on and that foundation will support the success of this project!” Cagle says.  

    The Example is the fourth collaboration of G Sharp Productions and CGL Studios. In this piece, set during 1943 Beaumont Race Riot, two fathers make difficult decisions to protect their families that force them to question their morals, loyalty and manhood.

    Writer Gordon S. Williams believes entities such as From The Heart Productions and Indiegogo give filmmakers a great opportunity to build unique relationships with the supporters and consumers of their work.

    “People are donating to this project.  It makes us feel that people are invested in The Example and they want it to succeed!  It gives us the confidence that we are on the right track and it would not be possible without these entities.” Williams says.

    Fundraising for The Example has been a different experience for Dupuis, Cagle, and Williams.  The filmmakers have funded their previous award winning projects from their own pockets.  As they venture further into the “business” side of filmmaking, they realize they are creating the opportunity for them to follow their dreams.    

    “We have had such a positive reaction to everything we have been doing with The Example, including the fundraising. Having others donate fiscally to the project is a heartwarming compliment.” says Dupuis.

The Example is scheduled to begin production in the Summer 2015 in Southeast Texas.  For more information on The Example, visit or visit .  

    For booking, e-mail or call Gordon S. Williams at (281) 593-9683.